With the holidays approaching, Brendan Parnell was anxious to get a picture of 5-week old Audrey underneath the Christmas tree. His mother-in-law had mentioned this idea about 1000 times, and he was feeling some pressure to get the perfect shot. Audrey, however, was tired. Like a typical newborn, she was not terribly concerned with photography and would not look at the camera.

As the short window between eating and sleeping began to close, Brendan had an “Ah-ha” moment. Without a word, he ran into the other room (leaving his wife, Molly, slightly confused and irritated at his disappearance). Within minutes he was back with a piece of blank paper folded into a cone and taped to the camera. On the inside of this paper he had drawn a spiral with thick black magic marker...and magic was what seemed to happen next!

At only 5 weeks old, Audrey was absolutely captivated by the image. She looked right into the lens of the camera, allowing for the perfect shot. Now, if only we had used a decent camera or taken more time to set up the shot! Who knew then that these holiday pictures would be forever memorialized as the first testimonial of the ShutterBuddy™?

After many hours at the sewing machine and a few design changes later, we are very pleased to offer the ShutterBuddy™ to you and your family. We truly hope that our product will enrich your lives and preserve precious memories through wonderful photographs of your baby.

– Brendan & Molly

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